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Centric Disc Butterfly Valves

Resilient-Seated Butterfly Valves

Resilient-seated, butterfly valve for flange mounting to pipelines; concentric disc design; with replaceable liner. Suitable for use in cooling towers, waste-water applications, water treatment, water distribution, dams, gas main and service lines, pressure stations, gas storage tanks, power plants and gas pipelines industry.

Pneumatic Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

Lined Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

Double Flange Butterfly Valve

We offers Manual (Gear / Handle) Double Flanged Butterfly Valve, engineered for multiple ON/OFF operations in the larger pipe line and full flow down streams.

PTFE Lined Butterfly Valves

PTFE lined butterfly valves are well suited for consistent performance requirements in highly corrosive applications involving chlorine, benzene, sulphuric acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid and sea water. Virgin grade resins and thick fluoropolymer linings provide for superior resistance to corrosive chemical effects, absorption and swelling.

Pneumatic Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

Pneumatic Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

Damper Valve

The butterfly or wafer damper can be a stack damper where sealing or tight shut-off is not all-important. This type is used as an isolating damper for flue-gas scrubbers. The butterfly damper is lightweight, simple, quickly actuated and often comparatively low in cost. In process work, oval shapes adapt to that shape of duct. Occasionally, a double-disc butterfly appears resembling a circular two-bladed louver damper. The drive for a butterfly damper is also simple, needing only 90° of motion. The torque requirement can vary widely over damper life, if corrosion and thermal effects are severe. Hand levers, Gear boxes, Pneumatic Actuators or Electric actuators are used to actuate butterfly dampers.

Pharma Butterfly Valves

Pharmaceutical grade, ultra-sanitary butterfly valves for the control of dry bulk materials. Meeting the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotech, food and fine chemical industries. Sleek design offers weight and space utilization. One piece crevice free disc, polished to mirror finish to maximize flow and easy maintenance. Butterfly valves operating options includes Lever Handle, Gear Operator, Chain Wheel, Air Actuated, Electric Actuated, Modulating Control.

Lined Butterfly Valves Manufacturer

UPVC / CPVC Valves

UPVC Butterfly Valves are designed and manufactured in adherence with global industry standards.

We manufacture UPVC Butterfly Valves that serve most processing industries like water, water treatment, swimming pools, etc due to their non-corrosive properties as compared to other metal valves.

UPVC butterfly valves now come with an updated design that offers angle switching control.

Increased neck height makes it easier to install. Sealing surface and through hole are processed on CNC machines for reliable and enhanced sealing performance